Dreamfall Chapters

Dreamfall Chapters

Episodic story-driven adventure game follow-up to The Longest Journey
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Dreamfall Chapters is a Kickstarter-backed episodic adventure that continues the story of cult classic franchise consisting of The Longest Journey and Dreamfall, two much beloved games from years ago.

It would be a crime to spoil the story, but let's just say that it is best enjoyed if you've played the previous games and know the characters and the setting. Others may be somewhat lost in the rich and interesting lore of the two worlds of Arcadia and Stark and left guessing what Kian is on trial for. Nevertheless, everyone will immediately get immersed into the story, feel close to characters and experience real doubts when faced with choices defining their story experience: who lives, who dies, what state the world will be in. Dreamfall Chapters is a game that incorporates such decision-making and tailoring of the story to player's choices better than most.

With such great storytelling, the game, unfortunately, falls short when it comes to gameplay. The fact that the game is on a tight budget is apparent in the engine and barely present game mechanics of a classical quest. Gameplay sequences are short, the puzzles are simple, and most of the time you listen to a dialogue. Despite not being the prettiest game around, Chapters is beautiful thanks to its design, as character models and environments are masterfully imagined and visualized.

Dreamfall Chapters is a great game if you're into story-driven beautiful adventures with more emphasis on story rather than challenge.

James Lynch
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  • Wonderfull story
  • Beautiful art style


  • Controls are a bit clunky
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